Learn the art of efficient running and walking technique

What is Chi Running?


Chi Running takes age-old principles from T’ai Chi to help runners of all ages move more mindfully, efficiently and effectively, improving performance and reducing risk of injury.

But the benefits aren’t just physical. When running is easier, it’s also more fun!

Runners have found that this unique approach has boosted their self confidence, increased their mental focus and helped them stay healthy and active in other areas of their life.

Key elements of the Chi Running.


Postural alignment and relaxation




Breathing technique


Mind-body connection


Improved performance through relaxation


Speed with ease

What our clients say.

“Chi Running has helped me relax. And to understand that relaxation is often a way of improving. ”

Bernard Bullatis

“I worked with a Chi Running Instructor for five months and took 28 mins off my marathon time.”

Cat Townsend

“I had two very longstanding problems with my back, and it’s really helped me manage those in a much better way than I did previously.”

Jane Casey

“It’s had a calming effect on my running, and that has carried through to areas outside my life at work and into my other sports.”

Seán Bear Hernon

Learn it.

It’s never too late to learn good running form and be a better runner. Whether you are a marathon runner, or someone venturing out for their first ever run, Chi Running can help you improve your technique and reduce your risk of injury.

Teach it.

What if you could make a living out of your passion for running? Join our growing network of Chi Running Instructors, and share your passion with runners of all levels.

Live it.

Stop counting the miles, and start counting the friends you make along the way. Check out the latest advice, stories and events from the Chi Running community.

Join the community.

Chi Running is more than just a running technique. It's a community!

Register now to connect with like minded runners from across the UK & Ireland. As part of the community you will have access to a vibrant Facebook group, and receive a monthly round up of community stories and events. You'll also have first access to upcoming workshops, masterclasses and adventures, and receive regular tips and exercises to help you continue improving your technique!

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