Being grounded can reduce stress levels, encourage relaxation and reduced recovery time after exercise

Earth represents physical and emotional strength and stability

Chi Running teaches a progression in your practice following the five elements found throughout Chinese philosophy – earth, water, fire, air and space.

Earth represents physical and emotional strength and stability. There are numerous health benefits when we are physically connected to the earth enabling the transfer of electrons from the ground into the body. Mounting evidence suggests that the earth’s negative potential can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems.

Research supports the idea that earthing the human body by either walking outside barefoot or indoors connected to a grounding system can reduce overall stress levels, help the body to relax and improve recovery time after exercise*.

I believe this to be one of the reasons why people benefit so much from  retreats. Chi Running retreats focus on reconnection and re-energising of mind and body not only internally but also externally with the environment. Chi Running retreats offer the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors, connected to the earth which is as essential to health as sunshine, clean air and water, nutritious food, and physical activity.

Click here to check out our upcoming Chi Running Retreats this autumn and winter on the Costa Brava, Assisi Italy and Cornwall.!po=0.769231

Chi Honours – a Race to the Stones

A massive big Chi Honour to Rachel Masser who has just completed the Race to the Stones 100km trail race and finished second lady!

Rachel has been running for 25 years and always enjoys the freedom it gives. She has run competitively at county level in road, cross country and fell events. After completing several marathons she decided to try the challenge of ultra races.

Rachel, from Woodstock in Oxfordshire, is currently training to be a Chi Running Instructor and aims to be fully qualified by the autumn.

“My Chi Running journey has certainly helped me to enjoy my running more, and to run for hours and hours in a relaxed yet focussed state. I am now looking forward to helping people experience the fluidity of motion that Chi Running brings.”

Rachel will be getting her first taste of teaching Chi Running, assisting at a Chi Running and Yoga 1-day workshop in Oxfordshire in September.

A Summer of Chi Masterclasses

Advanced Technique Workshop

Become a Chi Ambassador
25-26 June
Project Me, London N8

Dublin Masterclass Weekend

2-3 July
Day 1: Efficient Breathing Method with Patrick McKeown
Day 2: Chi Running Advanced Technique & Performance with Gray Caws
University College, Dublin

The Oxygen Advantage

2 July
Improve breathing efficiency and reduce breathlessness during exercise with Patrick McKeown
University College, Dublin


Move Well to Be Well

17 July
Restorative Exercise & Chi Walking
Premier Fitness, London N4

Awareness through Movement

18 September
Feldenkrais with Andrew Dawson
Premier Fitness, London N4

Instructor Training

24-25 September
Share your passion
Premier Fitness, London N4


This summer sees the first series of Chi Masterclasses in the UK and Ireland. The aim of these masterclasses is to deepen your knowledge, skills and practice of the Chi Running and walking principles. Each masterclass is given by a highly-respected specialist within their field.

The series includes: Patrick McKeown presenting The Oxygen Advantage looking at efficient breathing, improving VO2 max and reducing breathlessness during exercise; Gray Caws with an Introduction to Advanced Chi Running Technique and Performance; Move Well to Be Well – Restorative Exercise with Michelle Muldoon and Chi Walking; and Awareness through Movement –  Feldenkrais with Andrew Dawson.

We also have an Advanced Technique Course which includes online video tutorials, training manual and 2-day workshop presented by Gray Caws and Nick Constantine. This course offers Chi Ambassador status for those completing it and is ideal for those who are considering the Chi Running Instructor Training Course.

Whatever your interest in Chi Running and walking this summer, these masterclasses and courses offer you the chance to take your passion to the next level.

Register online now or for more information contact Gray on 07515 385593 or email


Jane Conquers London

Back in October 10 eager runners we’re enjoying pre-dinner drinks in the Hotel Nord, Gerona at the start of the 3-day Chi Running Costa Brava Adventure. During informal introductions the atmosphere was relaxed until we got to Jane. She was clearly feeling nervous and lacking the confidence of the rest of the group, stating that she didn’t know why she had come along as she did not consider herself to be a ‘runner’.

The rest of the group quickly rallied around, reassuring her that she would have a great time and that we were all about to experience the joy of running some amazing trails rather than compete to be the best. Jane will admit that she struggled the first day in the 6 mile trail both physically and emotionally but by day two an air of calm and self confidence was apparent.

Fast forward six months and today she proudly holds aloft her London Marathon medal. Well done Jane! True determination and dedicated practice helped her achieve her goal.

Jane Lelean celebrating running the 2016 London Marathon

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