Chi Running Instructor Training

Join our growing team of Chi Running Instructors 

Do you love to run? Would you love to share that passion with others?

Our Instructor Training Course will help you hone your Chi Running technique, and provide you with the skills and tools to coach others. As a qualified Chi Running Instructor you will enjoy a wonderful business opportunity, becoming part of a growing network dedicated to inspiring and empowering runners of all levels.

Course outcomes


Improve and develop your personal Chi Running skills


Understand how to present the key principles and elements of the Chi Running technique


Understand how to teach the Chi Running programmes


Practice teaching with other candidates and instructors


Understand functional anatomy and running biomechanics


Understand the basics of business, sales and marketing

The course comprises


Access to a comprehensive online training programme


Two one to one sessions with the UK & Ireland director.


Two-day practical Advanced Technique Workshop


Two-day practical Teacher Training workshop

Upcoming Practical Advanced Technique & Teacher Training Workshops

Thu 20, Fri 21, Sat 22, Sun 23 Sept (you need to attend all 4 days plus complete online training)
The Adventures studio @ One Yoga London
15 Myddelton Road
London N8 7PY

The first practical element of the Instructor Training Programme is the Chi Running 2-day parctical Advanced Technique Workshop. This workshop will deliver a deeper understanding of the Chi Running principles and components and assess your level of skill and competence in the Chi Running technique.

You are advised to have worked through the online training course prior to this practical workshop.

You have the option to take 8 x 1-2-1 sessions with a UK master instructor in lieu of an Advanced Technique Workshop.

Before attending the 2-day practical Teaching Training Workshop you must show full understanding of the principles, practice and ethos of the Chi Running technique. You should have successfully complete the online training and achieved the required level of skill and competence on the Advanced Technique Workshop.

You should be competent in all Chi Running drills and exercises and show that their own running form is at a standard that clearly demonstrates the technique.

You will be assessed on their skill of teaching the Chi Running technique.

In order to successfully complete the Chi Running Instructor Training Programme you should show that they can clearly communicate and demonstrate the key principles and components of Chi Running to a small group and on a one-to-one basis.

Online Training Programme and home study
Candidates will be registered on an Online Training Programme which needs to be learned in depth.

The programme consists of a teaching points and training videos with quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of the materials. The Online Training Programme needs to be sucessfully completed before the candidate can attend the 2-day Teaching Assessment Workshop.

Candidates must provide three case studies and also practice teach and log at least 20 hours of pro bono teaching with friends or family members.

As part of the Chi Running Instructor team you will.


Have access to a training manual which includes unique drills and exercises to teach the Chi Running technique via a one-day Build the Foundations workshop or in one to one sessions


Enjoy full use of the Chi Running marketing materials and logo


Feature as an instructor on the website


Be able to list your upcoming workshops and events on the website


Receive ongoing individual follow up and continuing support from the UK director

Only Chi Running certified instructors can instruct the Chi Running Technique. This ensures proper and safe instruction of the method. A yearly licence fee (min £200) is payable. You are required to attend CPD courses to re-certify every two years. You are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to commencement of the course.
Total investment


I’m interested!

What is Chi Running?

Chi Running takes age-old principles from T’ai Chi to help runners of all ages move more mindfully, efficiently and effectively, improving performance and reducing risk of injury.

But the benefits aren’t just physical. When running is easier, it’s also more fun!

Runners have found that this unique approach has boosted their self confidence, increased their mental focus and helped them stay healthy and active in other areas of their life.

Key elements of the Chi Running.


Postural alignment and relaxation




Breathing technique


Mind-body connection


Improved performance through relaxation


Speed with ease

Join the community.

Chi Running is more than just a running technique. It's a community!

Find out about upcoming workshops, masterclasses and adventures, and receive regular tips and exercises to help you continue improving your technique.

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