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Will core training help my running?

Hannah Kirkman, our senior coach in the Southwest of England addresses the questions that what many runners are asking regarding the core; what actually is it and how do we train it?Your running core  The core, huh, what is it good for? Absolutely… quite a lot...

Slow doesn’t have to be sluggish

Get skipping to improve fitness and running A slow pace doesn’t mean a sluggish run. Rhythm is the key to maintaining power at a slower pace. Your underlying rhythm when running should be your cadence. That is your stride rate. You can find your current cadence by...

Avoid overtraining with these 2 simple proven practices

Despite what you may think, the majority of your running should be fairly easy. Back in the 60s, the renowned running coach Arthur Lydiard revolutionised training with a method that featured lots of slow, comfortable running with modest amounts of speed work. Whilst...

Top tips from top running coaches!

Picture: Hannah Kirkman, senior coach South West of England.The main thing I’ve learned over my years as a runner and a coach is that running doesn’t always have to be hard work! Check out some top tips from three of our top instructors. Emer O’Brien teaches...

Breathfulness is the New Mindfulness

  Since we do it about 23,000 times a day, focusing on the breathe every so often throughout the day is not such a difficult task. And since “All chronic pain, suffering, and disease are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level” (Dr Authur C Guyton –...

What is Chi?

Chi is life-giving energy that unites mind, body and spirit.

Are you only focussing on the physical aspects of your health and fitness? If so you’re missing out on a whole realm of practice that could have a profound affect on not only your training but also your life. Our unique approach, with attention on the psychologial as well as physical, will boost your self confidence, increase focus and help you to stay healthy and active in all areas of your life. You’ll soon find that you can breathe easier, move better, run further and have more fun along the way!

ChiRunning takes age-old principles from T’ai Chi to help you move more efficiently and effectively, improve your performance and reduce the risk of getting injured.  It doesn’t matter what age or level of runner you are, ChiRunning will help you build the foundations of great running technique.

 ChiWalking complements ChiRunning, giving you the space and time to experiment, explore and challenge your habitual movement patterns by encouraging body sensing and awareness. It is a simple, accessible form of ‘exercise’ that will help  improve physical and mental health and reduce rates of chronic disease. Not only is ChiWalking  pleasurable and social, but also strengthens muscles and bones whilst improving structural alignment with every step that you take.

Learn it.

It’s never too late to learn good running form and be a better runner. Whether you are a marathoner, or someone venturing out for your first ever run, Chi Running can help you improve your technique. Work with a qualified Chi Running Instructor.

Teach it.

We are looking for dedicated runners who want to share their passion with others. Join our growing network of Chi Running Instructors in the UK and Ireland and help runners of all levels discover the life-changing benefits of Chi Running.

Key elements of the Chi Running.


Breathing technique


Postural alignment and relaxation


Improved performance through relaxation




Speed with ease


Mind-body connection

What our clients say.

“Chi Running has helped me relax. And to understand that relaxation is often a way of improving. ”

Bernard Bullatis

“I worked with a Chi Running Instructor for five months and took 28 mins off my marathon time.”

Cat Townsend

“I had two very longstanding problems with my back, and it’s really helped me manage those in a much better way than I did previously.”

Jane Casey

“It’s had a calming effect on my running, and that has carried through to areas outside my life at work and into my other sports.”

Seán Bear Hernon

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