Sheila Rose

Certified Instructor

Sheila is a Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist, with a passion for distance running. Following a change of career from finance to fitness in 2011, she caught the running bug but unfortunately suffered an injury which forced her to look at a better way of running, Discovering Chi Running, over a period of nine months Sheila gradually re-learned how to run in addition to strengthening her body to cope with the impact of running.

She ran her first Marathon in 2013 and has not looked back since, joining the UK 100 Marathon Club in 2017. Over the past two years building distance has become a passion, having now completed 6 x 100 milers, with longer distances planned for 2019.

“The simplicity of Chi Running and the focus on mindfulness is an enormous benefit in distance running, the ability to body sense and remain relaxed even during times of extreme fatigue – make the difference in achieving my goals.”

The natural step for Sheila was to share this joy of running with as many runners as possible by becoming a Chi Running Instructor – and seeing their progression and renewed enjoyment of running is incredibly rewarding.    

Area: Ireland
Call+353 8738 46062

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