Awareness through Movement

Chi Running & Feldenkrais

Sun 18 Sep | 9:30am to 4:30pm
Premier Fitness Centre, London N4 3JP

Learn the principles of efficient movement


This masterclass focuses on body awareness by facilitating the breakdown of unconscious muscle patterns. By making new and unusual movement in new and unfamiliar positions, the nervous system must generate alternative solutions, which combine familiar movements with unusual sensations. Awareness of what the body is doing is enhanced and the individual begins to choose how he or she moves.

You’ll experience fun exercises to highlight the important of body sensing and spend time bringing this awareness into your practice of Chi Walking and Chi Running.

Andrew Dawson is an accomplished Feldenkrais practitioner who has experienced hundreds of lessons that Feldenkrais developed, gradually tuning his understanding of not just what is happening in his own system, but seeing what is happening in others.

Gray Caws is an ultra runner, master instructor and director of Chi Running UK who has been teaching the technique to groups and individuals alike for the past four years.

Masterclass content

The masterclass will include practice covering the key principles and elements of the Feldenkrais and Chi Running technique. Highlighting how each method complements the other.

Key principles of the workshop


Alignment and relaxation


Cooperating with force


Mindful movement


Gradual progress

Key elements of the workshop


Feldenkrais body sensing exercises


Chi Walking & Running practice


Postural alignment, relaxation and balance


Movement with minimal effort


Maintaining structural efficiency in movement


Mind-body connection

Workshop format

1 day practice workshop


You’ll understand the importance body sensing, alignment and relaxation in terms of efficient movement. You’ll learn simple but effective exercises to take forwards and practice in every day life. You’ll leave with focuses to work on to improve efficiency of movement.

Total investment: £120

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