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For too many of us, running has felt like something we ‘should’ do. To lose an extra kilogram. To clock an extra mile. To set a new PB. To add another medal to the collection.

But the numbers can only motivate us so far. A mindful approach to running, relieves the pain and pressure so many of us have associated with running. And leaves more opportunity for exploration and connection. Stop counting the miles, and start counting the friends you make along the way.

Check out the latest advice, stories and events from the Chi Running community.

Breathfulness is the New Mindfulness

  Since we do it about 23,000 times a day, focusing on the breathe every so often throughout the day is not such a difficult task. And since “All chronic pain, suffering, and disease are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level” (Dr Authur C Guyton – Textbook...

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The Power of Posture

  Good posture is essential but what do we actually mean by good posture? Yip et al, 2008 describe proper posture “… to be the state of musculoskeletal balance that involves a minimal amount of stress and strain on the body” Good posture therefore depends on an...

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Walking on Air

Injury led me to discover a new way of walking Since my 20s I dreaded the long walk out from climbing mountains such as Beinn Bhuidhe Argyll. My hip joints and lower back would be sore and it would take quite a few days to recover. In my 30s I rediscovered my love of...

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Learning to let go

Heck, writing this blog has just stopped me in my tracks, ‘what does Chi Running mean to me? how has it influenced my life?’ was the topic I wanted to share. And for a second I thought I’d write ‘my 10k time PB is 10 minutes faster, my 5k time is 3 minutes faster, my...

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An Introduction to Chi Running

I want to start with a visualisation – You're heading out for a run, it's a beautiful day, as you begin to run you feel strong, focused and relaxed. Your arms, legs, breath are all in sync. You have found your rhythm as your heels float up behind you. You feel like...

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Skip your way to a lighter stride!

  The principles of Chi Running are simple, they reflect how the human body is meant to behave and move. Chi Running works. Seven years in and counting, I have coached over 1000 folk and seen all sorts of runners. Some are performance orientated, some use running...

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A deeper and more connected life

Mindfulness is a word that is batted around in every other magazine article nowadays but it’s really very simple, and you’re probably doing it anyway. What do I love most about Chi Running? I think it’s that it is a holistic practice – so much more than just a running...

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New Year – New You?

Reading this and thinking about some kind of change to your health and fitness in the new year? There’s a lot to be said for a ‘kickstart’ to the new year. It’s good to take back control of drinking and eating – this can help re-programme...

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Building a Chi Running Habit

You want to change the way you run. Maybe your knees are giving you bother. You’d like running to feel a little less heavy going. Or you just want to run as well as you can, for as long as you can. So you’ve read the Chi Running book, or you’ve taken a workshop. You...

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Chi Honours – a Race to the Stones

A massive big Chi Honour to Rachel Masser who has just completed the Race to the Stones 100km trail race and finished second lady! Rachel has been running for 25 years and always enjoys the freedom it gives. She has run competitively at county level in road, cross...

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A Summer of Chi Masterclasses

Become a Chi Ambassador 25-26 June Project Me, London N8 2-3 July Day 1: Efficient Breathing Method with Patrick McKeown Day 2: Chi Running Advanced Technique & Performance with Gray Caws University College, Dublin 2 July Improve breathing efficiency and reduce...

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Jane Conquers London

Back in October 10 eager runners we're enjoying pre-dinner drinks in the Hotel Nord, Gerona at the start of the 3-day Chi Running Costa Brava Adventure. During informal introductions the atmosphere was relaxed until we got to Jane. She was clearly feeling nervous and...

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