Reading this and thinking about some kind of change to your health and fitness in the new year? There’s a lot to be said for a ‘kickstart’ to the new year. It’s good to take back control of drinking and eating – this can help re-programme the body and its cravings. When it comes to fitness, what works for one person may not with the next. We all know that gym memberships peak in January. Good fitness intentions often don’t last. In this spirit, I’ll share how Chi Running has transformed my own fitness, and helped to make lasting changes. You can then judge whether it might work for you.  

A new attitude 

Chi Running is an excellent and sustainable approach that has, for me, led to a new attitude to exercise. It is energy efficient, reduces injury, and increases enjoyment of movement. Many people who take up Chi Running find it the start of a journey towards improved fitness and lifestyle.

A ‘Chi Running journey’ can lead to less stress, greater relaxation, sustained weight loss, improved breathing, and a more positive outlook in general. Interested?

You may already appreciate some of the positives about running. Getting outdoors, natural light, green space and the open air boost your mood. The more you do it the more you crave it, and you become less wary of the cold and the wet. And when the sun is finally shining, all the better. However you may not be aware that good running form gives a whole body workout. Chi Running will help protect your ankles, knees and hips, and increase overall body strength, starting at the core.

Gradual progress

The concept of gradual progress is key in Chi Running. A Chi Running instructor works with your current level of fitness and your available time. Your need for replenishing sleep, recovery, nutrition and relaxation are all taken into account. As you become fitter and stronger your commitment and motivation is likely to grow. That’s when you might feel like ‘stepping it up’, in a way that feels natural and sustainable. When energised and confident you might be more motivated to lift weights, join a class, take up Pilates – who knows where it might lead?

Often our fitness goals are related to external appearance. We develop a stomach or flabby arms and resolve to ‘look better’. We look for some kind of ‘instant’ new year fix.  However, too intensive a programme requiring a continual effort of will can result in injury, burn-out (overtraining) and a return to slothful ways. Just as a crash diet often results in putting the weight back on when you stop, if you’re not careful you may end up with even less motivation than you had at the outset.  

Often goals based on intrinsic motivation are more sustainable. I found it more useful to focus on how you feel. More alert, more energetic, more lust for life – a regular Chi Running habit can really help you here – and the external changes will occur as a consequence. 

Benefits of working with a qualified instructor

When we join a gym we expect to get advice on form and posture, and a balanced and varied programme, if we are to avoid injury. We tend to view running as something we simply ‘do’. However many runners (statistics vary between 30% and a whopping 80%) will experience injuries of some kind in any given year. Chi Running training sessions really focus on your form. They are likely to enrich your running experience and boost your confidence and enjoyment significantly. Consider investing in a Chi Running coach to make 2017 a year of fitness transformation.

Bernard Bulaitis

Bernard Bulaitis

Bernard Bulaitis is a Chi Running Instructor in Training. Having run for pleasure on a regular basis for many years, upon approaching middle age, with family responsibilities and lack of attention to eating and drinking he began to  put on weight, became ‘lazier’ and started to neglect exercise. If this sounds a bit like you – you can be assured of a sympathetic and understanding coach who can help you to get back on track and re-discover the relaxation, energy-conservation and the deep pleasure that running can bring.

“Chi Running helped me to change my life. I am fitter and have more energy now at 58 than I had at 35. The last five years have been an inspiring Chi Running journey. I’m by no means a high-powered athlete, but I will have a lot to offer as a running coach. I can help you make a real difference if you are interested in sustained, pleasurable running with a reduced chance of injury.”

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